With us you learn kitesurfing step by step. We will teach you all the theoretical aspects of the sport and provide you with practical lessons. We teach you everything you need to know to enjoy this exciting sport.

Our station caters for both beginners and experienced  kite surfers. We additionally offer private courses to train and improve individual maneuvers.

All of our courses are taught with maximum two students to one teacher.

Short Tryout*

We show you the power of the wind and how you can control and use it.

Contents: Wind Window Theory, Kite control on land.

HoursParticipantsPer Person in €
1,5239,00 €
1149,00 €

Beginners’ Course*

Prerequisite: Short tryout
In our beginners’ course, we will bring you to the water start — which usually takes about 4 hours. The course is charged on an hourly basis.

Contents: building up and explaining the Kite, explaining and practicing the safety systems, theory and kiters leeches, kite control on land.
In water: kite control, kite land and launch, relaunch, body dragging, exercises and preparation for the first water start — practicing the water start and riding.

The course is charged on an hourly basis69,00 € / Hour / Person

Foiling Course*

Only for advanced kite surfers with sufficient skills89 € / Hour / Person

Private lesson

Course with your own Kite Equipment69,00 € / Hour / Person
Course with Station Equipment80,00 € / Hour / Person

*Includes: kite, board, harness

All prices include 24% VAT