With us you will learn kite surfing from the theoretical basics to kite control and water starts – step-by-step. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about kite surfing. We use BbTalkin radio systems – where you always be in contact with your instructor – to optimize the learning process.

Our spot is of course not only suitable for beginners. We offer for advanced kiters private lessons to practice individual maneuvers and bring them into the next level: hydrofoil kitesurfing.

For those who prefer to hold the sail firmly in their hands can choose between windsurfing and the new trend sport wingsurfing. With both wind- and wingsurfing, you can also learn to “fly over the sea” with our respective hydrofoil boards.

No matter which sport you choose – fun is guaranteed!

Kitesurf Basic Course

Kitesurf Lessons for Advanced Riders

You have already had a few course hours and need individual tips or you want to learn specific tricks or moves.

1 Hour Private Lesson for Advanced Kiters 1:1 100,00 €

Hydrofoil Kitesurf Lessons

Learn to “fly” with a kite and a hydrofoil board.
Prerequisite: VDWS Level 5 or equivalent.

2 Hours Hydrofoil Private Lesson 1:1 200,00 €

Basic Windsurf Course (max. 4 participants)

As a beginner, you will learn windsurfing with us step-by-step: in practice as well as theory and material nomenclature.

1 Day (2 Hours) Lessons + 0.5 Hour Equipment Rental to Practice 90,00 €
2 Days (4 Hours) Lessons + 1 Hour Equipment Rental to Practice 160,00 €

Windsurf Lessons for Advanced Riders

In individual lessons you can expand your skills in a targeted manner – learn new maneuvers or tricks.

1 Hour Private Lesson for Advanced Windsurfers 1:1 60,00 €

Hydrofoil Windsurf Lessons

You will float over the water with our Fanatic Falcon Lightwind hydrofoil board.
Prerequisite: power jibe / water start

2 Hours Hydrofoil Windsurf Private Lesson 1:1 140,00 €

Basic Wingsurf Course

A combination of windsurfing and kitesurfing – where you stand on the surfboard with our Ozone Wasp wing in your hands.
Good balance required; SUP experience is an advantage

2 Hours Wingsurf Private Lesson 1:1 120,00 €
2 Hours Wingsurf Semi-private Lesson 1:2 100,00 €

Hydrofoil Wingsurf Lessons

Glide over the sea with our Gong hydrofoil board powered by our Ozone Wasp wing.
Prerequisite: Basic Wingsurf Course.

2 Hours Hydrofoil Wingsurf Private Lesson 1:1 200,00 €


All courses include: kite/wing, board and harness.

All prices include 24% VAT