With us you learn kitesurfing step by step. We will teach you all the theoretical aspects of the sport and provide you with practical lessons. We teach you everything you need to know to enjoy this exciting sport.

Our station caters for both beginners and experienced  kite surfers. We additionally offer private courses to train and improve individual maneuvers.

Training despite Corona

In order to be able to comply with the necessary COVID-19 measures (distance rules, disinfection, etc.), this season we will conduct our training without exception as 1:1 private lessons or 1:2 premium lessons (family members, friends who share accommodations). 

To achieve optimal learning success as quickly as possible, we use BbTalkin’ radio systems. So you are always in contact with the teacher.

Of course you can take part in our VDWS license course as usual. Here the required social-distance can be guaranteed without any problems.

In any case, we urge you to make an appointment in writing by email to or via WhatsApp.

All courses include: kite, board and harness.

All prices include 24% VAT