Kite Club Corfu (KCC) is on the south-west coast of Corfu, on the beach in the Chalikunas conservation area

The beach boasts daily North Westerly winds, perfect for kiting. It’s mile long stretch and shallow gradient makes it safe, giving virtually unlimited freedom for speed and tricks, and also makes it much easier for beginners exercises such as water starts and body tracking. The beach is very wide and flat, and free of sunbathers making launching, landing and flying exercises a piece of cake.

Our beach, Chalikounas, was named one of the best post-pandemic in Europe in this recent article.

The Station

The newly built station provides ample storage for equipment, an onsite shop, all necessary training equipment and shade if required. We have areas to chill-out and relax, and if you fancy a Mojito or an ice cold beer after a hard day of kiting, next to us we have a ‘Caribbean style’ beach bar open through the night.

Our Area

The conservation area of Chalikuns has road access, exceptionally clean water and is unspoiled by tourists. It is approximately a mile long, with a 50 m shallow sandy gradient making it exceptionally safe, and ideal for kitesurfing. It is long and exposed, with a regular Northwesterly wind. It is a great place to camp during your stay, it is peaceful surrounded by unspoiled nature with clear night skies. You can expect warm temperatures from spring to autumn with very little rain.

Wind & Weather

Corfu boasts a warm climate from spring to Autumn, with regular flights to its international airport, and a virtually rain free summer period with and average temperature of 35 degrees during the day.
Chalikounas is warm with calm winds in the night and early morning, steadily picking up for a day of perfect kiting conditions. It has clear skies, with sunny days and impressive blanket of stars on crisp clear nights.

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